When everything is urgent, nothing is truly urgent!

Don’t let urgent asks drown out the most important work Constant Urgency Hampers Efficiency–> The modern digital workspace often feels like everything is a top priority, leading to loss of focus and genuine urgency. The Emotional Side of Urgency–> Often, the label of “urgent” is more about seeking attention than actual importance. Introducing the Important/Urgent … Continue reading "When everything is urgent, nothing is truly urgent!"

Hello World 2.0

The new MikeKuphal.com is now up and running.  After many failed attempts to transfer the content I blogged at mkuphal.wordpress.com via various WordPress tools, I finally broke down and manually copied each post.   Side effect of this manual transfer is a lack of comments posted to the original blog posts.     I am excited … Continue reading "Hello World 2.0"

Hello World

I have had the urge to blog for a few months now.  Finally going to commit to making it happen.  Like all geeks, first step is writing that “Hello World” app.  So here it is and like most Hello World apps, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be, just needed to sit … Continue reading "Hello World"