Enterprise Technology: Moving from Cloud First to a Focus on being Cloud Smart

Not every application is meant for the cloud, especially many legacy apps that simply are not going away or being refactored anytime soon. Enterprises need to make optimal use of their on-prem infrastructure at the same time they leverage the benefits of public cloud.

Key Points to consider:
–> The Cloud Smart Approach is replacing the Cloud First mentality in non-born in the cloud companies. Cloud Smart focuses on maximizing both on-premises and cloud benefits, focusing on optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. This ensures each workload is executing on the optimal platform.
–> Hybrid Cloud is the New Norm: While previously seen as a transition to full public cloud, hybrid setups (on and off-premises) are now considered the optimal state for many enterprises, offering flexibility and cost optimization.
–> Planning is Crucial: Some organizations face negative ROI by hastily moving to the cloud without proper analysis, ending up with mismatched workloads.
–> Communication is Essential: Successful hybrid deployments require strong collaboration between infrastructure and software architecture teams.
–> Rising Hybrid Cloud Demand: Over 75% of enterprises use multiple cloud providers. Gartner predicts nearly $600 billion in end-user spending on public cloud services this year.


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